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SEVENTY SEVEN ´77 - Pitcher - Rock'n'Roll Headquarter Düsseldorf - Düsseldorf

There The moment has come. High Decibels, the long awaited second album from '77 (seventyseven) will be available on October 26th. Recorded at Gutterview studios in Stocolm, this new album has been produced by Nick Andersson (the mastermind behind The Hellacopters and Imperial State Electric), who decided to jump on board after seeing the band killing it live, during one of their scandinavian tours.

High Decibels follows the path of their aclaimed debut album, 21st Century Rock (2009). The influence of boogie hard rock from early AC/DC with Bon Scott is still here, but it would be a mistake just to focus on those comparisions. '77 are a rock'n'roll machine, capable of absorbing the golden of rock and making it their own. Besides AC/DC, one can think of the great rock'n'roll pioneers (Chuck Berry or Jerry Lee Lewis) thanks to the intensity of the Barcelona (Spain) four piece, or also of the more musical The Who, as we hear the last song on the album, 'Promise Land', a 10 minutes rock opera –with contributions from Dregen (Backyard Babies) and Nick Andersson- which shows their versatility.

With their second album, '77 have given a step forward. Not only the songs are better, but each member has found its place within the band: Armand Valeta (voice, guitar), throws great riffs; L.G. Valeta (guitar) plays leads with feeling, great skills and even better taste, while Raw (bass) and Dolphin (drums) have become a motherfucking tight rhythm section, that can take the band whenever they want.

It is no surprise that High Decibles has generated so much expectation. Released in Spain by Kaiowas Records, and worldwide by Listenable, this album confirms that all the praise they have been receiving in their country since 2007 (when the current line up was established) was well deserved. And lucklily Europe is catching up. If you have the chance of seeing '77 play live, don't miss it. Your faith in rock'n'roll will be renewed. Trust us.

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