• Fr, 29.01.2016 ab 22:30 Uhr
  • Salon des Amateurs
    Grabbeplatz 4
    40213 Düsseldorf
ABU SOU (CANELA EN SURCO) & IVY (DISCOS PARADISO) - Salon des Amateurs - Düsseldorf

Abu Sou is an active member of the Discos Paradiso crew and founder of the online radio show Canela En Surco (which means Cinnamon in the Groove in English). Originally from Galicia, he has been DJing for a number of years in Barcelona, playing Caribbean disco, Spanish new age, juju, and funky rarities.http://soundcloud.com/abu-souIvy Barkakati is an American DJ and producer based in Barcelona. Her first solo release, Star Report, came out on Hospital Productions in 2014. An affiliate of the record store Discos Paradiso, she DJs an eclectic blend of house, disco, boogie, Italo, and funk/soul.http://soundcloud.com/ivdb