• Frogbelly And Symphony + Rad Orchestra

  • Mi, 05.12.2018 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • KIT — Kunst im Tunnel
    Mannesmannufer 1b
    40213 Düsseldorf
Frogbelly And Symphony + Rad Orchestra - KIT — Kunst im Tunnel - Düsseldorf

Doppelkonzert:Rad Orchestra und Frogbelly And Symphony erstmals in Originalbesetzung in Düsseldorf!Doors: 20:0010€ EintrittFrogbelly and Symphony: Catchy melodies, multi‐part vocals, urban poetry and classic lyrics are accompanied by violin,piano, guitar, bass and drums. The band covers a wide dynamic range from rough‐edged punk rock to acoustic music and folky tunes. Over the years their trademark has become an eclectic show of stage drama and interaction. The band re‐appropriates and rearranges traditional material from the Irish, English and American folk repertoires. The transformations and compositions result in accessible andcontemporary pop songs.www.frogbellyandsymphony.comRad Orchestra is an acoustic/electric band from London. Their music is at the crossroads of Pop, Folk, Funk, Classical, Desert Blues and Soul‐a hypnotic live experience that makes everyone dance and listen up.The band’s trademarks are multi‐part vocal, ngoni (banjo‐like instrument from Mali), violins, viola, acoustic/electric guitars, mandolin, electric bass and percussion.radorchestra.com