• Bowie's Piano Man - an evening with Clifford Slapper, pianist and biographer of Mike Garson

  • Do, 31.03.2016 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Stahlwerk (Official)
    Ronsdorfer Straße 134
    40233 Düsseldorf
Bowie's Piano Man - an evening with Clifford Slapper, pianist and biographer of Mike Garson - Stahlwerk (Official) - Düsseldorf

Bowie's Piano Man will be an evening celebrating the music of Mike Garson - David Bowie's piano man for some 40 years and a musician often cited as one of the top ten pianists around the world.

Clifford Slapper, Mike Garson's biographer is also a pianist, this is why the two met. It seems just right that Clifford should be the man to write the biography of Mike Garson, an intriguing book is the result, more than just a biography of a world-class musician, it is a book of a musician by a musician that is full of hope, healing and a great understanding of all that music, without boundries, can be.

The evening will be hosted by Mayo Velvo, Liebling of Düsseldorf's cabaret scene and great Bowie admirer who will be joined by Düsseldorf singers, Linda Hergarten, who first impressed me by singing side by side with Campino of Die Toten Hosen at the Tonhalle concert 'Wilkommen in Deutschland', and Ian LeBlanc of the indie rock band Aberrations.

We will be talking with Clifford Slapper about his book and his friendship with Mike Garson which has lasted many years right up until now as they were last together in London just a week or so ago when Bowie's last band to tour with him, reunited in London for the most touching Brit Awards. Düsseldorf singers, we are currently selecting, will celebrate mindful versions of their favourite Bowie songs for voice and piano with Clifford Slapper, bringing the story of this event full circle as it began with further research I was doing last year on the music history of Düsseldorf for the city's 'We Love Music' tour which I wrote in 2011 ... but more about that, and how all this came about, beginning with photographs I was privy to, taken in the 1970s in New York, at this unique RhineBuzz evening at Stahlwerk.

The evening will be hosted by Mayo Velvo who will also be singing. Our singers will be Linda Hergarten who sang alongside Campino at the "Willkommen in Deutschland" concert in the Tonhalle and Ian Leblanc of the indie rock band Abberations. They released their first album in Nov 2015. Edi Winarni who sang in the eloectronica band MIT will also perform on this exciting evening. With this addition of electronica, we have four corners of music at performing at the event: Classical, rock, chanson and electronica in the city that gave electronic music to the world. Students from the Kunstakademie, Luca Kohlmetz and Ben Schlemmer will also be creating a projection for the evening. This will be a truly global-Düsseldorf event!

Limited tickets €25 enquiries caroline@rhinebuzz.com or ticketshop Kautz, Adersstraße 48, 40215 Düsseldorf: 0211 373070

Any profits from this event I wish to donate to SingPause - a pioneering Düsseldorf project for the musical education of children in primary schools, headed up magnificently by Manfred Hill.

This event is sponsored by Kawai Europe. Thank you so very much.