• Opening: "Passage"

  • Fr, 04.09.2020 ab 11:00 Uhr
  • wildpalms
    Gerresheimer Str. 33
    40211 Düsseldorf
Opening: "Passage" - wildpalms - Düsseldorf

Passage is a dialogical exhibitions between Paul Hance (FR&USA), Brunhilde Bordeaux-Groult (FR) and Robert Elfgen (DE). These 3 artists have in common a deep love for the noble materials, and they conceive manufacturing and manual work as a practice of the self.This group show is part of DC Open.Exhibition: Sep. 4th - Oct. 24th. 2020Obviously, as we are in Corona times: you know it already, bring your masks and keep distance from each other - we have enough space and will make sure you stay safe. And don't come, if you feel unwell.