• A talk: Getting stronger when it hurts

  • Do, 19.05.2016 ab 18:00 Uhr
  • International English Library Düsseldorf
    Kasernenstr. 6
    40213 Düsseldorf
A talk: Getting stronger when it hurts - International English Library Düsseldorf - Düsseldorf

Admission charge: 5EUR (includes a drink and a nibble)

This talk is a conversation about trauma after terror attacks. We invite all open hearted people who are interested in getting to know more about how trauma affects us and what we can do about it, to join us in a conversation.

The conversation will be opened with a short talk by Ybe Casteleyn who is a PsychoTraumatologist living and working in Belgium. In the first part, Ybe speaks about her work with the victims of the recent terror attacks in Belgium. She will highlight examples of trauma mechanisms and how meaningful conversations make a difference.

After a break we will speak together about: Questions you have about trauma. Things you can do to help. How can we think positively? This conversation is about you. So bring your questions and ideas into our conversation. What can we do to get stronger when it hurts? How can a trauma bring more humanity in to our communities? The event is hosted by Andreas Giesen, a Systemic Coach and Heilpraktiker for Psychotherapy.

NB! Please register by fax, phone or email by the 17th of May. Tel: 0211 8368963 Fax: 0211 8368965 info@international-library.de

Who is inviting you?

Andreas Giesen is a systemic coach and works with traumatized minor refugees as well as young people in Job and Study Orientation. He used to be the production manager of the Globe Neuss Shakespeare Festival. http://www.kommunikationskultur.net/

Ybe Casteleyn is a trauma specialist. She is currently involved with the Belgian Terror victims and helps teams to cope with their traumatic experience. Her book: “Getting stronger when it hurts” was just published in Belgium and will be translated into English soon. http://www.ybecasteleyn.be/

Both are Art of Hosting Practitioners. The art of hosting and harvesting conversations that matter. http://www.artofhosting.org/