• The World of Fragrances - Academy by Frank Rittler

  • Mi, 22.03.2017 ab 18:00 Uhr
  • trivago GmbH
    Bennigsen-Platz 1D 3rd Floor
    40474 Düsseldorf
The World of Fragrances - Academy by Frank Rittler - trivago GmbH - Düsseldorf

An introduction into the world of perfumes, history, how perfumers work, structure of a perfume. Synthetic and natural ingredients, production methods and, of course, a lot of smelling.Who is Frank?"I am a Perfumer now working over 30 years for multinational fragrance houses in the fragrance industry (4 years in Asia and 2 years in Brazil), now I am based Düsseldorf, Germany. I am specialized in developing detergent, home care, corporate, hotel, ambient and personalized fragrances, and fragrances at the point of sales (POS). Currently I am working for HENKEL and my own company called MagnifiScent." What is this Academy about? And what is "perfume"?The simplest answer is a nice smell (fragrance). The source of the English word perfume though is from the Latin "per fumem" meaning "through smoke". Rather like a "message sent through the smoke of incense". So, perfume may have a deeper meaning that relates to hidden communication. Perfumes are generally a combination of different components (like natural oils, chemicals and animal secretion products). But that is like saying that a painting is just a mixture of colors. Which is, of course, true, but only on a superficial level.Perfume is a picture painted in smells and has notes and tones like music and art. And this makes perfumery a living art.The sense of smell for us is a method of communication. It is the oldest and most basic of senses and is directly linked to the part of the brain involved with emotion.Smell can invoke the deepest of feelings and cause deep seated memories to come to the surface in a matter of secondsSo if the perfume speaks, it does in a silent language.What are its words?What is its grammar?And how can we communicate with smells?These are the questions we will try to find the answers to...As always the Academy is open to all (not just trivago employees!) and is free entry with refreshments provided (beer and soft drinks). The talk will take place in the B1 building (the white one) on the 3rd floor. For more information on Academies follow Life at trivago on Facebook.www.facebook.com/lifeattrivago