• Pollyanna (indie-folk) live in Duisburg

  • Fr, 29.03.2019 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • 47
    Münzstraße 47
    47051 Duisburg
Pollyanna (indie-folk) live in Duisburg - 47 - Duisburg

Pollyanna is a Paris-based indie-folk project lead by Isabelle Casier. Her honest songwriting and her heart-warming voice remind of the edgy charm of Jolie Holland, Joan Baez and PJ Harvey. Despite a natural flair for minor chords, Isabelle's cheerful presence, eclectic taste and experiences as an outsider (in Europe, the USA, South America…) open up her musical fieldto all things pop, rock, folk and folklores. She will introduce on stage her new album, Polly & the Fine Feathers, that will be out in Germany in June on Solaris Empire. A collection of ballads under the sweet influence of two jazzmen, a drummer and a doublebassist, who added a New Orleans and vintage caribbean flair to her folk. Pollyanna shared the bill with riot grrrls stars (Sleater Kinney), sophisticated indie pop (Wilco), French chanson (Françoiz Breut), rootsy folksters in Tennessee and shanty choirs in Germany. A curiosity and taste for friendliness that is noticeable whether she plays solo or lines up a full band.Recent discography:● The Mainland (2016, Solaris Empire),● Polly & the Fine Feathers (Spring 2019, Solaris Empire)Press quotes"A beautiful and compelling honesty, and a subtlety rarely found inthese hectic and transient days" BBC Bristol"Neko Case with a European flair" Jezebel Music (New York)"A journey through folk, nostalgia, melancholia and somethingindefinable" WithGuitars.com (UK)"Eine Elegie aus Indierock, Lo-Fi-Folk und Theatermusik" Rolling Stone (Germany)"Folkloristische Kammermusik. Pollyanna ist offensichtlich eine Person voller persönlicher widersprüche, die sie durch ihr grosses musikalisches Können in Songs von grosser Aussagekraft umzuwandeln vermag." Folker (Germany)