• Magic Dolphin Springtime Freshness

  • Do, 12.05.2016 ab 20:15 Uhr
  • Temple Bar
    Salzmarkt 1
    45127 Essen
Magic Dolphin Springtime Freshness - Temple Bar - Essen

Stay fresh and feel free like a spring sunshine and come to the next Magic Dolphin Show on May 12 "Magic Dolphin Springtime Freshness: English Comedy Open Mic", hosted by the Tingleberries.

Soft like a tropical French Polynesian sea breeze. Absorbant like a galaxy of dark matter. Dry like my uncle Burkhardt for the last three years.

Student Seating: 6€ Classic Seating: 8€ Premium Seating: 10€* (Limited)

*Premium Seating at "Magic Dolphin Springtime Freshness: English Comedy Open Mic"® includes super comfort and care, like our best customers deserve.

If interested in performing, reservations or premium reservations, write an email to xtremetingle@gmail.com