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A PROJECTION (SWE) | Konzert - Banditen Wie Wir - Essen

An alle Banditen: A PROJECTION aus Stockholm,präsentieren ihr neues Album „EXIT“ im Banditen wie wir. Die sechs jungen Schweden sind die neuen Hoffnungsträger von TAPETE RECORDS aus Hamburg und stehen für einen neuen Indie/Post-Punk-Sound. Verglichen werden sie gerne mit „The Cure“, „New Order“ oder „Interpol“. Aber macht euch selbst ein Bild!

A PROJECTION | Konzert 27.05.2015 Banditen wie wir Einlass 20:00 Uhr

Infos zur Band: A PROJECTION are a young indie rock/post-punk band from Stockholm, Sweden. With dark textures of effect-driven guitars, lush synthesizers, and heartfelt, introspective lyrics, their music has frequently been compared to that of Interpol, New Order, The Cure, and The Chameleons.

Formed in 2013, the band quickly became an underground sensation, owing much of their success to their powerful and atmospheric live performances. By combining a dense, sinister sound with suggestive video projections, the band quickly established themselves as a highly sought-after live act. Following the release of their eponymous demo EP, the band was contacted by several record companies, eventually signing with the Hamburg-based label Tapete Records. "Tapete Records offered us full creative freedom," the band says. "Every track on the album is exactly the way we want it to be."

The album was recorded in Stockholm, a city famous for its cold and dark winters. Naturally, that setting had some influence over the overall mood of the album. Most of the recording sessions were held at the band's regular studio Melodibyrån, but they also had the opportunity to record some tracks at the infamous studio EMS Elektronmusikstudion, which has played a significant role in the development of Swedish electronic music. „2013 was a big year for electronic artists: More and more artists are moving over to synth-driven music. It's very exciting. That development has definitely had an effect on our production process – we started out making an overtly guitar-driven album, but as things progressed we found it very natural to add a lot of electronic elements as well“, the band agrees. "It was an intense recording process. We wanted to make a record that was heartfelt and honest, and yet true to form. We are very satisfied with the end result.“ With their raw, yet subdued aesthetics, the band bridges the gap between modern indie rock and classic post-punk, and manages to create exciting and accessible music without conforming to the mainstream.

A Projection are: Isak Eriksson - lead vocals Amos Pagin - guitar Charles Karjalainen - guitar + backing vocals Linus Högstadius - synthesizers + backing vocals Rikard Tengvall - bass + backing vocals Jesper Lönn - drums

http://www.aprojection.com/ http://www.tapeterecords.de/artists/a-projection/

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