• Billy Liar (UK) + Freddy Fudd Pucker

  • Di, 24.05.2016 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Anyway
    Berliner Str. 82
    45145 Essen
Billy Liar (UK) + Freddy Fudd Pucker - Anyway - Essen

http://www.billyliarmusic.com/ http://www.freddyfuddpucker.bandcamp.com/

‘Edinburgh, Scotland’s troubadour Billy Liar, whose take on acoustic punk has been widely appreciated throughout the scene in recent years, is what you get when you consider the punk-before-punk standard of the genre…….. with little more than his distinctive voice and trusty acoustic guitar, writing and playing songs infused with the products of a keen mind, a heart so involved in what he does you can almost hear it beating deep in the bodies of his songs, and a soul at once old in its observation and poetry and young in that it hasn’t yet been utterly destroyed by the world.’


Billy has toured extensively throughout the UK and mainland Europe, and is a regular fixture at European festivals, including punk festivals such as Rebellion and Strummercamp, and others like Wickerman and Eden. He has toured the East Coast of America twice, including two performances at Fest (2013 & 2015), and also toured New Zealand and Australia (where he performed for a week at Woodford Folk Festival).

Billy has played guitar for Bomb The Music Industry!, recorded an EP with Acey Slade, of Joan Jett & The Black Hearts/Murderdolls (that Acey described as ‘the proudest thing I’ve been involved in’), toured with Ghost Mice, TV Smith (The Adverts), Joe McMahon (Smoke Or Fire) and the Murderburgers, and shared stages with Franz Nicolay (Against Me! / The Hold Steady), Chris T-T, Withered Hand, Wreckless Eric, PJ Bond, Star Fucking Hipsters, Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds), Kepi Ghoulie, amongst countless others.

In 2016, Billy is touring the UK & mainland Europe, will return to America, and release his debut full-length album. It was produced by Joe McMahon (Smoke Or Fire), and features Robin Guy (Sham 69/Lars Frederiksen/Rachel Stamp/The Business/Faith No More) on drums, and Acey Slade (Joan Jett & The Blackhearts/Murderdolls) on bass. Also, several split EPs will be released in the run-up to the album.


‘Scotland`s angriest young man. Watching Billy attack his guitar and spit into his mic on a live setting, you’re almost waiting for this head to pop off his shoulders with the ferocity of his delivery. A constant touring animal… you are left wanting more. Great shit! More please!’


‘Acutely sharp and self aware - uncluttered realism and a hand on heart narrative’


'A rousing attack….. a relentless work ethic……. Billy certainly comes across as an intense character, but you don’t produce this kind of passionate music without intensity. When Bill Hicks said that he wants musicians to “play from your fucking heart”, Billy Liar was most definitely listening.’

LOUDER THAN WAR ('Artist Of The Week’)

'A controlled nervous breakdown in the name of art. Intense, powerful stuff - really liked him. He seems to be just as intense offstage too… more people like him please.’


Freddy Fudd Pucker (Tom Young) is originally from a small city at the edge of the earth called Dunedin, New Zealand. However, he has spent the last five years or so touring the world, playing hundreds of shows across Australasia, the USA and Europe. The last couple of years have seen him based in Berlin, Germany, focusing on a nearly constant European tour schedule. For Freddy, touring is a way of cultivating not only a growing and loyal fan base but the very experiences and characters that make up his songs. Freddy is a kind of folk/punk, one-boy-band with a fierce DIY philosophy. His live show consists of a guitar, banjo, distorted loops and samples, a suitcase bass-drum on one foot, a tambourine on the other all held together by powerful voice. He uses all these tools to sing intensely lyrical songs wrapped in extremely fast rhythms and melodies. Recent live shows have been described as “communal exorcisms” by audience members. Things get sweaty, things get said. Chaos does not reign, but is kept on a very long leash. As a result, no two shows are ever the same. unich, Germany, His growing reputation for being an extremely entertaining and unique performer has earned him support slots on recent European tours for legends such as CJ Ramone (USA), SNFU (Canada), La Vela Puerca (Uruguay) and Deer Tick (USA). In the past few years he has performed at festivals like FunFunFunFest (Austin, TX), Camp A Low Hum (NZ), and The Fest 2010 and 2015 (Gainesville, FL).