• Embassy of Bricks and Logs - Sample Sale - Banditen Wie Wir

  • Sa, 17.10.2015 ab 15:00 Uhr
  • Banditen Wie Wir
    Kahrstrasse 3
    45128 Essen
Embassy of Bricks and Logs - Sample Sale - Banditen Wie Wir - Banditen Wie Wir - Essen

Sample Sale Banditen Wie Wir Samstag 17.10.15 15:00 - 19:00 Uhr

Vegan Street Fashion. Winterjacken. Hemden. Accessoires. Einzelstücke. 60% off. Entry free. Cash only. First come. First serve.


We at Embassy of Bricks and Logs feel that it’s time to come closer again.

It has never been easier to connect with your friends and feel united. Nevertheless, our generation of smart phones and intelligent websites is more divided than ever. We tend to forget how to have good, long talks and to meet up for a hug, when we can make the other one feel how much we love them through an emoticon. The Embassy of Bricks and Logs calls out all its ambassadors in the cities and towns to reunite and live life the way it should be lived. We want to run the sunny streets together and take long walks in the pouring rain.

Let’s all bring back some analog into our digital lives.

The people of Embassy of Bricks and Logs understand themselves as part of one transboundary planet and give their best not to harm their surrounding. Therefore they refuse to use any animal product and feel the responsibility to raise awareness of what will help to turn our world into a better place for all of us.

Be part of the Embassy!

For the girls:

Visit the cool people of Hanim Fashion on Rüttenscheider Str 54 for more colours, more sizes and more styles!