• The Crucible by Arthur Miller

  • Sa, 11.05.2019 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Goetheschule Essen
    Ruschenstraße 1
    45133 Essen
The Crucible by Arthur Miller - Goetheschule Essen - Essen

No Fear! English Drama Group Essen-Bredeney proudly presents Arthur Miller's classic American drama The CrucibleMay 10th Premiere 19hMay 11th, 19hMay 12th, 16hGoetheschule, Ruschenstr. 1, 45133 Essen-BredeneyTickets: Adults 6€/Student5€(Tickets available at the school secretary)About the PlayImagine a place where there is no color, no freedom of expression--a place where everyone is forced to look the same, act the same, and obey all laws under fear of severe punishment. This is Salem. "In Salem, you better not be different, because being different is dangerous!"Miller's play, written in 1953, is based on the true events of the Salem witch trials from 1692 and meant as an allegory for the McCarthy trials (The "Red Scare") which took place during the 1940's and 50's in America.Abigail Williams and several other girls of Salem had met in the woods for a secret "party" where they danced and pretended to conjure spirits. When they are caught by the Reverend Parris they fear for their lives. Salem is run by a strict and intolerant religious system and anyone caught engaging in suspicious activity would be sent to trail and sentenced to death. The arrival of Reverend Hale causes the crisis to escalate as the girls begin to accuse other people in Salem of witchcraft in order to save their own lives. The play deals with fear, persecution and intolerance, themes which are still highly relevant in our society today.Visit us on our Facebook Page: fb.me/nofearenglishdramagroup http://www.goetheschule-essen.de/ags/mehrsprachigkeit/englische-theatergruppe/