• Steve Lucky & the Rhumba Bums feat. Miss Carmen Getit (USA)

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  • Don't Panic Essen
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Steve Lucky & the Rhumba Bums feat. Miss Carmen Getit (USA) - Don't Panic Essen - Essen

Steve Lucky & the Rhumba Bums perform vintage jazz, pounding boogie woogies, sultry ballads, and funky-swinging New Orleans R&B. In a four-star CD review, DownBeat magazine wrote: “The Rhumba Bums abide by Cab Calloway’s advice: ‘Live what’s in your soul and sing your friggin’ heart out.’” Steve Lucky & the Rhumba Bums have been one of the West Coast’s most popular, to say nothing of most entertaining and fun, bands since composer-pianist-leader Steve Lucky assembled the Bums back in 1994 in the early days of the swing dance revival. The Rhumba Bums continue to play and sing just about the most irresistible dance tunes extant, mixing some well-known ’40s and ’50s jump blues and swing charts with rare and nearly-forgotten gems that deserve to be resurrected. The Bums’ second CD, “Some Like It Hot!,” features several band originals such as “Beat Girl,” “Maybe Later,” “The Hollywood Jump,” and “Haul Off and Love Me,” plus a live version of “Every Time I Hear that Mellow Saxophone,” featured in the movie “Be Cool.”The Rhumba Bums include singer-guitarist Miss Carmen Getit, Matt Cowan and Doug Rowan on saxophones, drummer Brian Fishler, and bassist Lukas Vesely. The band’s trump card is Getit, who offers vocal sparring matches with Lucky and guitar playing that, whether swing, blues, or even some bebop licks, is inspired, fast, and faithful to the genre. In pre-Rhumba Bums years, Lucky discovered Getit (who had played piano before she could read and has played guitar since shortly thereafter), bought Getit her first electric guitar and introduced her to the music of T-Bone Walker, Ruth Brown, and other swing-R&B legends, and they formed a piano-guitar duo in New York City.http://www.luckylounge.com/https://www.facebook.com/steveluckyrhumbabums/Als Support spielen:"TWO MEN STEAM TRAIN" Das dynamische Duo steht für Spielfreude, tolle Songs und Entertainment erster Güte. Johnny Yuma und Jay Jay performen ein stilsicheren Mix aus Country- und Rock'n'Roll Klassikern, angereichert mit einigen überraschenden Neuinterpretationen von Metal-Gassenhauern und eigenen Songs. Von Cash bis Motörhead - alles geht!https://www.facebook.com/TWO-MEN-STEAM-TRAIN-932798306759226Einlass ab ca 19:00 Uhr / Beginn ca 20:00 Uhr! Arbeitnehmerfreundliches Ende gegen 22:30 Uhr!VVK: 10 Euro zzgl VVK GebührenAbendkasse: 12 EuroVVK Tickets OHNE GEBÜHREN können während der Öffnungszeiten an unserer Theke erworben werden!