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Turbulent Hearts, Brassknuckle Boys, Roadside Bombs (Punkrock) - Don't Panic Essen - Essen

Los Angeles based Punk Rock’n’Rollers Turbulent Hearts released their first UK full length CD on Headcheck Records in April 3rd 2017 ahead of their first UK tour and appearance at Rebellion Festival. The CD consists of 15 tracks and is a compilation of their 3 self released DIY Eps which were released over in America all on one CD album for their debut UK release. The band consists of Suzi Moon (formerly of Civet) on guitar and vocals, Mark Johnson – bass and Jay Skowronek on drums. Turbulent Hearts will be back touring the UK and Europe and once again at Rebellion Festival in 2018. You can find their videos to ‘Crazy Girl’, ‘Panic’ and ‘Never Getting Over You’ which all appear on the album on You Tube.https://www.facebook.com/TurbulentHearts/ The Brassknuckle Boys stormed on to the american punk scene back in 1998 and have since become internationally infamous as an iconic, intelligent but tough-as-nails punk band firmly in the grasp of street rock n roll fans worldwide while maintaining their own unique sound that is dripping with Americana. The lyrical integrity and introspection dished out by the Brassknuckle Boys is a rarity and will stop you cold in your tracks... https://www.facebook.com/thebrassknuckleboys/I guess most folks would call the Roadside Bombs a street punk band and while that’s absolutely true at a fundamental level, there’s so much more to these chaps than that. They pepper their music with equal doses of Hardcore and rock’n’roll and the end result is a glorious fusion of the Business, Pennywise, The Freeze and Ignite that’ll put a shit eating grin on the face of even the most hardened, cynical, jaded punk rocker. Roadside Bombs play heartfelt, unapologetic punk rock with a social conscience that comes directly from the soul and hits you like an out of control freight train.https://www.facebook.com/RoadsideBombs123/Einlass ab ca 19:00 Uhr / Beginn ca 20:00 Uhr! Arbeitnehmerfreundliches Ende gegen 22:30 Uhr!VVK: 12 Euro zzgl VVK GebührenAbendkasse: 14 EuroVVK Tickets OHNE GEBÜHREN können während der Öffnungszeiten an unserer Theke erworben werden!