• Digital Democracy

  • Fr, 03.06.2016 ab 18:00 Uhr
  • VHS Essen
    Burgplatz 1
    45127 Essen
Digital Democracy - VHS Essen - Essen

In this interactive and international panel we will discuss about the opportunities of digital democracy in Europe in two parts. Panel 1 deals with the question how the current democratic process can, and shout, be digitalised. Panel 2 asks how digital technologies can lead to new and innovative ways of practicing democracy.

Panel: Jason Kitcat, The Democratic Society, UK Christopher Bohlens, Open Knowledge Foundation, Germany Gianfranco Pooli, European Cultural Foundation, Italy

Moderation: Ian Lovering, JEF Netherlands, UK Matteo Mirolo, YEM UK, France/Italy

A project of JEF Cross Border Network in cooperation with Europe Direct Essen and Volkshochschule Essen / VHS Essen within the context of Wissenschaftsstadt Essen funded by "On y va - auf geht’s - let's go!" by Robert Bosch Stiftung and Deutsch-Französisches Institut.