• Back to The 70's Night AGAIN With Rock Bottom at Froschkönig

  • Fr, 01.03.2019 ab 20:30 Uhr
  • Froschkönig
    Bahnstr. 3
    45257 Essen
Back to The 70's Night AGAIN With Rock Bottom at Froschkönig - Froschkönig - Essen

After the massive success of the "Back to the 70's Night" and what a night that was! We are doing it AGAIN! So come along and experience even MORE of the same. With even MORE Zeppelin, MORE songs we haven't played in a while. Because MORE IS ALWAYS MORE! It's going to be one hell of a night. Tell your friends, hey tell your enemies, your milkman (oh we don't have them anymore), doctors, whoever, everyone needs a dose of high octane rockin' these days! Lets get the court of the Frog King packed to the rafters and all sing and cry "Valhalla we are coming". Here is the original blurb!Escape the drudgery of the 21st Century and go back to a time when most stuff was just far more enjoyable, you even had real rock stars back then and the pop music, which you may have turned your nose up at, was still way better than the stuff we get rammed in our ears these days!So come along... ROCK BOTTOM are going to be doing their thing... playing 70's hard rock as it should be....real amps set to stun, screaming vocals and songs from the best bands of the time. Lots of Deep Purple, Loads of Led Zeppelin and plenty more from Queen, Jethro Tull, Black Sabbath, Nazareth, Blue Oyster Cult AC/DC, you name it, they play it. To give you some respite from this sonic onslaught, we have put together a few setlists of great Music from the seventies that is maybe not quite so hard rocking but with a great vibe.... 10CC ELO, Elton John, Abba, Spooky Tooth, Fleetwood Mac and loads more. and we will be playing this before, after and in-between Rock Bottom's sets.We want to make this a regular thing BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP, come along, hang out, be cool, dance, go crazy, DO WHAT THOU WILT. We've all got Netflix, but you watch that anytime, Mario Kart is not really going to make you happy.... lets make this something special - together!Eintritt Frei!