• Live: Max Goedecke

  • Fr, 21.08.2020 ab 20:30 Uhr
  • Coppers Kettwig
    Hauptstraße 117
    45219 Essen
Live: Max Goedecke - Coppers Kettwig - Essen

Max Goedecke is a singer-songwriter from Mechernich who released his debut album Newspeak in 2018. On this LP, he mixes modern indie rock elements with folk and pop. In international reviews on indie websites like ObscureSound.com and TheRockPit.net, his voice is compared to Jack White and his debut album was raved across-the-board. Now Max and his trio - Andrea Rizzo (piano) and Mansureh Boizard (percussion, backing vocals) – present folk interpretations of the album and mix it with Max’ huge cover repertoire, which covers a wide variety from The Beatles, over Oasis up to Ed Sheeran. Max is also adding new songs from his successor album, which will be released in 2020.Max played at Nightgroove Euskirchen, Altstadtfest Siegen, Klosterlichter Euskirchen, Dürener Schlemmermarktfest in 2019 and at Open Mic Sessions in London and Cambridge. The trio can be seen live here:https://youtu.be/Y3Smb5y99QMWebsite: www.maxgoedecke.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/max.goedecke/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tasphania/Solo-Live-Video-Nightgroove: https://youtu.be/ngbJ4eb1anwLinktree: linktr.ee/tasphainaKontakt: tasphania@gmail.comInternationale Presse:"Goedecke [..] emerges as a fierce talent on Newspeak who bridges the divide between nostalgic anthemic rock and contemporary indie-rock charm." - MIKE MINEO, Obscure Sound, 16th April 2018"Max Goedecke’s ‘She’s a Good Damn Girl’ is a well-developed, eclectic composition." - NOAH ZUCKER, ROCKTHEPIGEON, 16th May 2018"Well, I can honestly say I’ve never heard an album like Max Goedecke’s latest album Newspeak. It has the same haunting euphoric effect as Post Punk bands such as Echo and the Bunny Men with the soaring Classic Rock riffs of the iconic 80’s acts such as Tom Petty, and Neil Young. Yet, the styling is nothing but contemporary. There’s almost infinite diversity written into each of the 10 tracks from his debut album, each of the tracks flows with its own brand of veracity, from punchy Garage Rock to rhythmically Blues Rock." - AMELIA VANDERGAST, A&R Factory, 27th April 2018"‘Slowly to Sink’ the second track is perhaps my favourite here at the moment and really shows off Max’s distinctive pleasantly raspy voice which here takes on a Jack White-esque lilt. There’s plenty of swirling energy in the song that takes on a real early eighties indie rock vibe and won’t let you go until its teeth are fully sunk in. It’s the kind of song you hear and know that if the artist runs with this then bigger things are just around the corner." - MARK DIGG, The Rock Pit, 2nd June 2018""Slowly To Sink” was a highlight which also happens to be one of the more single-worthy songs in the batch. The songs builds with intensity and has a number of notable crescendos. [...] Overall, this is a great debut. If you are a fan of some of the aforementioned genres you should like this. (3.8/5)" - JAMIE FUNK, DIVIDE AND CONQUER MUSIC, 16th July 2018"With a track this strong [Alessia Di Castellabate], one that could be an indie hit on the right playlist somewhere, Goedecke knows to runs away with it; and somehow combining elements of rock, blues, folk, country and pop into one track." - KATE STEVENS, Indie Rock Cafe, 10th July 2018