• Sa, 09.05.2015 ab 23:00 Uhr
  • Goethebunker
    Goethestrasse 67
    45130 Essen
SECHS JAHRE UNTERTAUCHEN Teil I  m/ TRUSS - Goethebunker - Essen

Anlässlich dieses schönen Jubiläums, gönnen wir uns einfach gleich zwei Termine im Wonnemonat. Da ist der Name also auch tatsächlich Programm. Daher gibt es für Euch auch zusätzlich zum schönen Programm etwas handfestes zum Mitnehmen. Mehr dazu in Kürze.

Besonders freuen wir uns über den Auftritt von VLIGHT.TO, die mit ihren eindrucksvollen LIVE VISUALS vielen Untertauchen eine ganz spezielle Note verliehen haben. Die Jungs werden an beiden Terminen den Bunker zum Leuchten bringen.

Hier die harten Fakten. Details folgen....

VERSTECK EINS * 09|05|2015

TRUSS * London Perc Trax | Our Circular Sound | Avian | R&S

MIKE RUI | CRAMP GRKBR | Untertauchen


  • 2nd Floor | tba

ARTIST INFO Truss is the primary alias of UK producer Tom Russell. His sound takes influence from the UK’s hardcore and rave scenes, melded with a reverence for past innovators like Neil Landstrumm, Cristian Vogel and Surgeon while resolutely pushing towards new and futuristic constructions/structures. A restless collaborator, his recent works with Perc, Bleaching Agent (as the mighty Blacknecks), Donor and his younger brother, Tessela (as TR\ER) have seen him use techno as a starting point for explorations into the associated territories of noise, hardcore, gabber and tear‐out italo. His MPIA3 alias was admirably killed off at the height of it's success, but the bare‐bones club power it summoned lives on in Truss' current productions.

The wider musical world has also been drawn to Truss’ sound, which has resulted in remixes for highlyregarded bands such as Liars and Depeche Mode.

A DJ set from Truss (using vinyl and CDJ’s) uses techno as a starting point to encompass all the sounds, genres and approaches that have gone before it, taking in and spitting out industrial, EBM, italo, acid house, as well as the fruits of his numerous projects into a snarling, roaring mess of limbs, bodies and noise. As TR\ER, Truss & Tessela use a wealth of analogue hardware to create a largely improvised live set that fuses both of their musical influences. Having now completed various side projects such as MPIA3 and Blacknecks, as well as numerous remixes, it’s his solo work as Truss that Russell will now be concentrating on over the next 18 months.


  1. Mai w/ SURGEON & Bassline House Special on 2nd Floor w/ DokZ