• Mi, 15.04.2015 ab 06:00 Uhr
  • Banditen Wie Wir
    Kahrstrasse 3
    45128 Essen
PAUl LIDDELL (UK) | LIVE CONCERT - Banditen Wie Wir - Essen

Echte Banditen stehen auf gutes Zeug und halten zusammen. Wer ein großes Herz und was auf dem Kasten hat, dem sind wir treu. Also haben wir uns gedacht, dass wir Paul Liddell noch einmal zu uns in die Bar einladen.

Der Singer-/Songwriter aus der Essener Partnerstadt Sunderland (UK) hat ein neues Album in Eigenregie und unabhängig großer Plattenfirmen produziert. Soviel Mut und Engagement wollen wir supporten.

Wir freuen uns auf den Mann mit Gitarre und Trompete: welcome Mr. Paul Liddell!

Live-Konzert im Banditen wie wir Einlass: 20:00 Uhr.

Weiter Infos:

Paul Liddell is a working musician/singer/songwriter/recording artist based in Sunderland in the North East of England. His current studio album, the excellent ‘Milestones And Motorways’ is a proudly home-made and independent release.

Paul is an experienced live performer with an unstoppable work ethic, clocking up on average 20 gigs a month both solo and with his band ‘Delphians’. Live, his unique voice and unpretentious delivery combine with the use of live sampling, guitar percussion and layered vocal harmonies to provide a great platform for his wonderful songs to shine. As well as playing all over the UK, Paul has also toured in America, Italy, Germany and Belgium, picking up many followers along the way

As well as touring in his own right, Paul has been lucky to open up the show for acts such as Billy Bragg, Turin Brakes, Matt Cardle, Calvin Harris, and Florence And The Machine.

Other notable achievements include being named as the hardest working, most gigging songwriter of the year by the PRS, and selling over 3000 albums solely at live performances.

http://www.paulliddell.com/ https://www.facebook.com/paulliddellsongs