• Do, 11.09.2014 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Freak SHOW
    Grendplatz 2a
    45276 Essen
NAZI DOGS - Freak SHOW - Essen

NAZI DOGS (Nasty 77´ Punkrock) live in der Freak SHOW, Einlass 20 Uhr, AK 6 €, Es gibt eine Geburtstags-Gästeliste für all diejenigen, die direkt von Andy Real Kid eingeladen werden! Freier Eintritt + div. Erfrischungsgetränke für die Geburtstagsgäste!! Anschliessend Aftershowparty mit DJ Andy RealKid & Kiky Usc (A heavy melangé between Pure Punk Rock/ Glam Punk/60s Garage) The whole spectrum between 1966 til now!!

Special Guest: Marc De Burgh(2nd District) plays unplugged tunes in front of the show!

" The NAZI DOGS from Aachen, Germany live and breath snotty '77 punk rock for over 12 years now. Fun and obnoxious they are addictive. Take a pinch of Dead Boys and shot of The Pagans and dash of young GG Allin and you got yerself the Nazi Dogs molotov sound. Basically, the Nazi Dogs play old and nasty punk that makes you spit some fucking yellow into some boring wannabe´s face, that makes you drink 15 beers and puke in your girlfriend´s car, that makes you get beaten up by bouncers for skull-surfing during a nazi dogs show, you name it !!"

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