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LYRIEL, CIRCLE UNBROKEN, END OF A DREAM + more - Don't Panic Essen - Essen

Fremdveranstaltung in unserem Backyard Club! Der Eintritt vorne ist frei!!!

LYRIEL announce Spring Tour across Europe German Symphonic Metallers LYRIEL have just announced they will be heading across Europe on their own headline tour from the beginning of March. The support will be provided CIRCLE UNBROKEN, END OF A DREAM, DREAMSLAVE and GRIM JUSTICE. Ever since forming in the year of 2003 LYRIEL have been producing a range of musical material from beautiful ballads and a pinch of medieval tunes to heavy rock songs with elements of classical and Celtic music. The fact it's hard to pigeonhole their sound only makes them a band not to miss. Their latest release is "Skin And Bones" which hit the shelves 29th September 2014. CIRCLE UNBROKEN are new to the metal scene, hailing from Belgium and forming in 2015 it's evident they are going to be a prominent scene. With fresh new members joining them this year it will be interesting to see how their sound develops. Forming in 2013 in the Netherlands by vocalist Micky Huijsmans, guitarist/keyboardist Armen Shamelian and guitarist Robin van Ekeren, END OF THE DREAM are slowly becoming a presence on the Metal scene. They released their debut album "All I Am" last year; it was well received by the press and fans. DREAMSLAVE are a Symphonic Metal band hailing from Lyon and Paris in France; their sound is similar to classic NIGHTWISH. Their latest release is their debut album "Rest In Phantasy" that was released last year. A band not to miss.

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