• CLASS of 76 UK & Headline Maniac (UK) + DJ Marc de Burgh

  • Fr, 16.09.2016 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Freak SHOW
    Grendplatz 2a
    45276 Essen
CLASS of 76 UK & Headline Maniac (UK) + DJ Marc de Burgh - Freak SHOW - Essen

Class of 76 (UK), Punkrock/Rock A new punk-rock supergroup fronted by Eddie & The Hot Rods singer Barrie Masters, the band features original Hot Rods and sometime Johnny Thunders drummer Steve Nicol, MEMBERS and The Vibrators guitarist Nigel Bennett and bassist Russ Strutter of Wilko Johnson and TONIGHT, who you may recall had a hit single with ‘Drummer Man’ in early ’78. + Headline Maniac (UK), consist of Dipster, Simon and Chris from Eddie & The Hot Rods EINLASS 20 UHR, AK 12 €. Anschließend DJ MARC DE BURGH. http://vivelerock.net/class-act/ https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddie&theHotRods http://www.eddieandthehotrods.com/

Come down for this great night of Rock and Roll with a mix of punk. Music from the great band class of 76 & Headline Maniac

Class of 76 a great new band. They are the ultimate tribute to the punk/ new wave era. This band is unique in the fact that all members were hitting the airwaves and headlining back in the seventies. The band consists of Barrie Masters from Eddie and the Hot Rods/ Imates, Nigel Bennett from The Members/Vibrators, Steve Nicol from EHR, Johnny Thunders/New York Dolls and Russ Strutter from Wilko Johnson/Tonight.

This pub/ punk super group play all their favourite tunes from over the years.

Headline Maniac strut their Oi!-Boy punk styling’s all the way from Southend-On-Sea and Canvey island, Essex, but then what do you expect from a trio who also play in punk pioneers Eddie & The Hot Rods. Headline Maniac are made up of Dipster, bass/vocals, Simon Bowley on drums/vocals, and Chris Taylor supplying the guitar/vocals. Their style of music is unashamed punk, albeit with some classic rock and blues thrown in. This is music that was born to be played live in front of your naked and screaming ears!!