• Last Seen Laughing (Oi! from Denmark)

  • Di, 12.07.2016 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Don't Panic Essen
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Last Seen Laughing (Oi! from Denmark) - Don't Panic Essen - Essen

Last Seen Laughing is a 3 piece Oi! band from Aarhus, Denmark containing members from The Outfit/The Hoolies & The Zero Point. Last Seen Laughing is inspirered by the second wave of Oi! from the 80's as well as the Oi! Revival of the 90's. We take bits and pieces from many different bands and mix it into our own sound. The style is aggressive, minimalistic and catchy! The last couple of years has seen a very fast growing interest for Last Seen Laughing from abroad and we've already been to England, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands and Germany to play gigs. So far Last Seen Laughing has played a lot of concerts in Europe and we still have more to come. The future for Last Seen Laughing looks remarkably bright if you look upon the bands history so far! http://www.facebook.com/Lastseenlaughing

Einlass: 19.00 Uhr Beginn: ca 20.00 Uhr Ende: Arbeitnehmerfreundlich, spätestens gegen 22.30 Uhr

VVK: 8 Euro zzgl VVK Gebühren Abendkasse: 10 Euro VVK Tickets OHNE GEBÜHREN können während der Öffnungszeiten an unserer Theke erworben werden!