• DARKYRA (Gothic-Symphonic-Metal aus Australien)

  • Mi, 13.04.2016 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Don't Panic Essen
    Viehofer Platz 2
    45127 Essen
DARKYRA (Gothic-Symphonic-Metal aus Australien) - Don't Panic Essen - Essen

There are a lot of female fronted bands out there in the metal and Symphonic Metal scene. Sometimes, you just need a little change in a gerne.. And that’s exacly where Darkyra Black comes in. In 2013 the first Darkyra Black album “Dragon Tears” was first released. Her second album “Fool” will be released in 2015 and the third album in 2016. 2016 is the year to take this amazing project to Europe and show us Europeans what Darkyra Black is made of! Australian singer Darkyra Black has her own unique style of vocal delivery and a special way of blending together all the different aspects of her vocal, she’ll use any means possible in order to get her point across. Her music is modern, dark and edgy. Combine this with a group of very talented musicians and we’re not talking about a project anymore, but a full blown band that is ready to take it to the stage! http://www.darkyra.com/

VVK 8 Euro / AK 10 Euro

Einlass 19 Uhr / Beginn ca 20 Uhr