• Slapshot, Eyes of Tomorrow, Squad (Hardcore aus Boston und NRW)

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  • Don't Panic Essen
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Slapshot, Eyes of Tomorrow, Squad (Hardcore aus Boston und NRW) - Don't Panic Essen - Essen

Emerging from the ashes of the early '80's Boston hardcore scene, Jack Kelly (a.k.a." Choke"), former lead singer of the legendary NEGATIVE FX and the notorious LAST RIGHTS, formed SLAPSHOT in 1985. The Band quickly became the torch bearers of a new, more agressive, revitalized Boston scene. Fed up with the current trends in Hardcore ("metal-core", "rap-core","krishna-core", etc.) SLAPSHOT is bringing back the sound that made Hardcore great in the first place: fast, agressive, no compromise music with conviction.www.facebook.com/SlapshotBostonAls Support spielen Eyes of Tomorrow (Old School Hardcore aus dem Ruhrpott) mit Leuten von City to City!https://www.facebook.com/eyesoftomorrowHC/Coming directly from the dirty heart of Dortmund, SQUAD is a band of four people, living for their passion in music and against society’s conventions. The band plays uncompromising oldschool-hardcore with straight riffs and profound lyrics. Their songs deal with alternative lifestyles, respect, everyday problems and the struggle and strive of today’s youth.https://www.facebook.com/Squaddortmund/Einlass ab ca 19:00 Uhr / Beginn ca 20:00 Uhr!Arbeitnehmerfreundliches Ende gegen 22:30 Uhr!VVK: 14 Euro zzgl VVK GebührenAbendkasse: 16 EuroVVK Tickets OHNE GEBÜHREN können während der Öffnungszeiten an unserer Theke erworben werden!