• Lester Greenowski (Glam Punkrock 'n' Roll aus Italien) + The dirty Lovemachines (Punkrock aus Köln)

  • Fr, 27.11.2015 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Don't Panic Essen
    Viehofer Platz 2
    45127 Essen
Lester Greenowski (Glam Punkrock 'n' Roll aus Italien) +  The dirty Lovemachines (Punkrock aus Köln) - Don't Panic Essen - Essen

Lester Greenowski has been on stage for the last 20 years: drumming in several local bands (1995 - 2002), fronting Lester and the Landslide Ladies (2002-2012), playing bass and singing for Honest John Plain from The Boys, Ian Hunter etc. (2010 to present), playing bass with Honest John Plain, Darrell Bath (Uk Subs, Dogs D’Amour, Vibrators etc.) and Robbie Rushton in the reunited infamous The Crybabys (2014 to present) and of course as a solo recording artist (2013 to present). Lester Greenowski spent the last 10 years through 8 records, about 700 concerts between Italy, U.K., France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary, sharing the stage with international artists (Vibrators, Dickies, Slaughter and the Dogs, Backyard Babies, Michael Monroe LA Guns, Enuff Z ' Nuff, Faster Pussycat, Dogs D' Amour, Cockney Rejects, Paul Collins Beat, etc. . ) Lester developed a unique sound, a clash between nyc punk rock and 70s hard rock with a strong sensitivity to melody that immediately became the signature of his compositions. His efforts in the niche led him to become subject of research for the thesis in Sociology of Dr. Giulia D'Alimonte "Glam Rock: Games of Masks and Performance" at the University of Padua and value him the mention at the Ramones Museum and the Museum für Kommunikation both in Berlin. Since 2009 Lester collaborates actively in the artistic direction of Tornado Ride Records: prolific independent record label founded by Andrea Gallinini, prominent personality in Italian tattoo and hard core scene. https://www.facebook.com/LesterGreenowskimusic/

The dirty Lovemachines Beieinflusst von amerikanischen und britischen Punk der 70'er Jahre haben sich die Lovemachines zusammen gefunden um diese Zeitgeist lebendig zu halten. Eine einfache dreier Besetzung, aus MG Dirty (Bass / Backvocals), Marc'O Machine (Drums) und Lars Love (Guitar / Vocals), bilden den Sound dieser Band. Organisiert und aufgenommen wird alles nach dem Do It Yourself Prinzip. Definitiv eine sehens-und hörenswerte Band, die heiß darauf ist euch ihre schmutzige Musik um die Ohren zu hauen. https://www.facebook.com/The-dirty-Lovemachines-755387467825182/