• Do, 14.02.2019 ab 23:00 Uhr
  • TechNoir Frankfurt
    Technoir Club
    60329 Frankfurt
SPACE - TechNoir Frankfurt - Frankfurt am Main

SPACE is a retro futuristic themed party series focused in Synthwave, Retrowave, Cold Wave, Synthdisco, Cosmic Disco, Shamanic Disco, Hi-NRG, EBM & whatnot!For the first edition, two very special guests from another galaxy: Shubostar (South Korea) and Xâm (France). Mexico-based artists, they have been touring Europe for the last 3 weeks, packing every floor wherever they have performed."Shubo" is a rising star and the mastermind behind the promising label uju Records, while Xâm, a former techno producer, is now devoting his music career to the synth side of the force.And because the debut event will be on Valentine's Day, let's celebrate the love we all have for the good music and the passion we have in dancing together, but this time on a zero gravity atmosphered dance floor.Lineup:Shubostar http://www.sxdns.de/sets/sxdns042-shubostar/157Xâm http://www.sxdns.de/sets/sxdns041-xam/156Celestinohttp://www.sxdns.de/sets/sxdns009-celestino/123Tickets:€5 (until 1am)€8 (after 1 am)