• LIVE: The Durgas (Budapest)

  • Do, 25.06.2015 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • Dreikönigskeller Kollektiv 2015
    Färberstraße 71
    60594 Frankfurt
LIVE: The Durgas (Budapest) - Dreikönigskeller Kollektiv 2015 - Frankfurt am Main

By layering authentic Reggae, African, and Eastern European folk elements over strains of heartfelt American Roots Music, The Durgas’ songs cut through Rock‘n’Roll’s insularity and pre-conceived standards.The brothers Benjii Simmersbach (vocals, guitar) and Christopher Simmersbach (lead guitar) draw much of their musical influence from their childhood. Both were born in Bavaria/Germany but raised in various parts of Thailand, Tanzania, Mali, Senegal, Italy, and the U.S. The Durgas‘ music weaves the sounds and cultures of their upbringing into their music without losing touch with their roots in punk rock.Before The Durgas, the brothers Simmersbach achieved wide notoriety with their band A Subtle Plague(1984-1998), recording for the esteemed independent label Rough Trade. Along with a growing reputation as one of the best live bands in the U.S. underground grew their international appeal – A Subtle Plaguegained an extensive European fan base that allowed them to tour for years in a row. On their travels the band performed with a wide range of musicians including Iggy Pop, Mudhoney, Vic Chesnut, Jesus Lizard, Sonic Youth and Soul Asylum, to name a few. Their communal way of touring and devoted fans led to Germany’s Rolling Stone magazine calling A Subtle Plague “the Grateful Dead of the ’90s”.http://thedurgas.com/