• Excessive Visage - Frankfurt (Raumstation Rödelheim)

  • Sa, 02.09.2017 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • Raumstation Rödelheim
    auf der Insel 14
    60489 Frankfurt
Excessive Visage - Frankfurt (Raumstation Rödelheim) - Raumstation Rödelheim - Frankfurt am Main

There’s a smokey, mystic atmosphere to the melodies and vocal delivery in the music of Excessive Visage. It is married to complex musical materials reminiscent of math rock, and a punk intensity in its sonic character and performance. Sounds like a mish-mash? Well, in practice, it just sounds like a group of musicians doing what they do… a group of highly skilled and uncompromisingly creative musicians. There’s a distinct streak of darkness running through these sounds, an ominous and uneasy atmosphere, that sits well with the power and drama of the arrangements, but it is not allowed to dominate the music, or to determine its forms; Excessive Visage have a distinctive and identifiable sound, but they don’t adopt any set of formulae that could be abstracted to embody the lineaments of a genre. Instead they forge a language of their own, identifiably rock, and not forbiddingly avant-garde, but uniquely specific, and extremely powerful. Song-based electric guitar music doesn’t get much better than this.