• '68 + Trophy Scars + 47 Million Dollars

  • Fr, 19.12.2014 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Elfer
    Klappergasse 5-7
    60594 Frankfurt
'68 + Trophy Scars + 47 Million Dollars - Elfer - Frankfurt am Main

Facts: Eintritt: 19 Uhr Beginn: 19:30 Uhr AK: 14 Euro VVK:11 Euro Ticket Link: http://www.tickets.de/de/customer/home/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=68

Bands: `68 FB || www.facebook.com/theyare68 YT || www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSNuGopaWwY

TROPHY SCARS FB || www.facebook.com/trophyscarsband YT || www.youtube.com/watch?v=vo2kUyvEDOM

47 MILLION DOLLARS FB || www.facebook.com/pages/47-MILLION-DOLLARS/140299657228 YT || www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_2iCOuhl60

Location: ELFER CLUB Klappergasse 5-7 60594 FFM-Sachsenhausen www.11-er.de www.facebook.com/elferclub Follow on Instagram:


In Humor and Sadness, the debut album from ’68, demonstrates the loud beauty of alarming simplicity. A guy bashing his drums, another dude wielding a guitar like a percussive, blunt weapon while howling into a mic somehow manages to sound bigger and brasher than the computerized bombast of every six-piece metal band. A splash of roots, a soulful yearning for mid century Americana and the fiery passion of post punk ferocity rampages over a record of earnestly forceful tracks like a runaway locomotive.

Josh Scogin wasn’t out of elementary school when the Flat Duo Jets laid their first album down on two tracks in a garage. But the scrappy band’s spirit of raw power, punchy delivery, tried-and-true rhythms and urgent sense of immediacy is alive and well in ’68.