• Apéros Frenchies Afterwork - Frankfurt

  • Do, 27.02.2020 ab 18:30 Uhr
  • Das Herz von Frankfurt
    Braubachstraße 31
    60311 Frankfurt
Apéros Frenchies Afterwork - Frankfurt - Das Herz von Frankfurt - Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt people ! ❤️🤩It’s been a while and we miss you a lot ! But be ready because Apéros Frenchies is back in town !We wanted a really special place for this occasion and this is why we are teaming up with the new chic, trendy cocktail bar: Das Herz von Frankfurt and hope to bring you all the best for our next Afterwork 😍Solo? Don’t worry, our team will welcome you and introduce you to other fellows with a special ice breaker game !👋🏻Join us for drinks, dancing and fun with expats and locals in this beautiful hidden paradise in the heart of the city 🌴💚DJ, Photograph and Great vibes .. what else can you expect for a great night ? 🎟FREE entry with tickets!! Use the link above to get your free tickets, they will be checked at the door!See you there!!😎#weareback------IMPORTANT INFORMATIONBy attending the event on February 27th 2020 at Das Herz von Frankfurt, Braubachstraße 31, 60311 Frankfurt am Main Germany, organised by Apéros Frenchies, you confirm that you grant Apéros Frenchies the permission to take and use audio or visual recordings and photographs of you that may be displayed on the Apér os Frenchies website or social media accounts and for general publicity purposes; and share and delegate your contact details with our partners Das Herz von Frankfurt, Braubachstraße 31, 60311 Frankfurt am Main Germany. You have the right to withdraw the consent you have given at any time by calling Apéros Frenchies customer service team at +4915207646229 or writing to Apéros Frenchies at info@aperosfrenchies.com Apéros Frenchies France SARL, 10 rue Penthievre, 75008 Paris.