• Cross-Cultural communication in business

  • Do, 20.04.2017 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Wirtschaftsjunioren / JCI Frankfurt
    Börsenplatz 4
    60313 Frankfurt
Cross-Cultural communication in business - Wirtschaftsjunioren / JCI Frankfurt - Frankfurt am Main

Cultural intelligence is a must-have soft skill! How to adapt quickly and communicate efficiently between different cultures and avoid any "faux-pas"? Global business issues: How to find your way and fit managing expectations? Challenges of a changing world: Practical use and tips. Come and listen to our cultural specialist!PRESENTER: Laura Massilamany. Executive Manager & Cultural Specialist at meetingCultures.orgLaura is an expert in intercultural and cross-cultural communication topics and a professional in intercultural event management. She is French with Indian roots, lived in different countries and traveled around the globe.By beeing genuinely interested in understanding cultures and collective behaviors, she studied cross- cultures with the Richard Lewis Model, completed with International negotiation, diversity management from academical degree. Professionally, she worked in an international environment for multinational companies over a decade which gives her good comprehension of the challenges communicating with diverse teams from different cultures. A strong intercultural competence is a valuable skill to lead a business or projects to effective results.Laura is the current International department head of JCI in Frankfurt and since 5 years she organizes intercultural events for InterNations, an international expatriate network with over 2,3 million members worldwide."My motivation and my work are to understand other countries and cultures. Despite our differences, we all share the same hopes and aspirations and this is the basis of our common understanding." Looking forward to meeting you! Laura M.