• Adult Origami cafe ~大人の折り紙喫茶~

  • So, 23.06.2019 ab 13:00 Uhr
  • Caffe Martella, Frankfurt
    Friedberger Landstrasse 118
    60316 Frankfurt
Adult Origami cafe ~大人の折り紙喫茶~ - Caffe Martella, Frankfurt - Frankfurt am Main

☆☆ This event is held in English/German ☆☆Origami (Japanese paper folding art) seems to have the effect of meditation.We are going to provide the opportunity to meditate in a cafe on Sunday afternoon as having coffee & sweets.English/German speaking teacher will teach you how to do it so beginners who has never done Origami in life are welcome. 7 EUR incl 1 drink,small sweets, Origami paperPlease reserve seat till 21.06(Fri) by telephone or e-mail.日曜の午後、カフェで折り紙しながら瞑想しましょう。先生が難解なものの折り方も教えてくれます。おひとりさま7EUR,飲み物、お菓子、折り紙つきです。21日(金)までにお電話かメールでお申し込みください。