• Opening The Arts+: Desirable Futures

  • Mi, 10.10.2018 ab 10:30 Uhr
    Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
    60327 Frankfurt
Opening The Arts+: Desirable Futures - THE ARTS+ - Frankfurt am Main

The opening talk of THE ARTS+ will dive deep into the future with an intensive mix of keynote presentation and panel discussion on the topic “Desirable Futures”.We are witnessing the merge of technology and culture. Intelligent machines are creating new forms of storytelling, AR and VR are opening up a whole new world of immersion revolutionising the entire creative ecosystem. The transition is here!SPEAKERAlexander Mankowsky, Futurologist at Daimler AGEsther Wojcicki, Founder, Palo Alto High Media Arts ProgramDirk Heitmann,Chief Digital Officer (DACH & Leader Digital Business Group at IBMHarald Neidhardt, CEO & Curator, FUTUR/IOTom Hillenbrand (Autor)Holger Volland, Head of THE ARTS+Join us and get your ticket!