• Debate: Genome engineering / editing

  • Sa, 12.01.2019 ab 18:30 Uhr
  • Frankfurt Debate Club
    Rödelheimer Landstraße 58
    60487 Frankfurt
Debate: Genome engineering / editing - Frankfurt Debate Club - Frankfurt am Main

The event is free. Registration HERE: https://www.meetup.com/Frankfurt-Debate-Club/events/257808346/PLEASE NOTE THAT RSVP IS REQUIRED. --The topic of the debate is genome engineering / editing.– The participants will be split into two groups. The point of the exercise is not to find the truth, but to learn and practice debate techniques, so both groups will have to go to the extremes in their positions.– The positions will be assigned randomly, so you might have to defend something you personally don’t agree with.– The debate will start with a short simple argument from one side and be held in the form of a moderated dialogue. This is done in order to keep things simple: you don’t need to prepare a speech and can jump into the debate without preparation.Trigger warning: you might be exposed to opinions you don't share, or even have to defend one. On the one hand it should improve your critical thinking skills, but on the other hand, please keep it in mind if you're easily offended or intolerant.