• SUP Double Feature - Open Mic / Joke Life (Festival Preview)

  • Mi, 18.07.2018 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Die Zentrale Frankfurt
    Berger Str. 175
    60385 Frankfurt
SUP Double Feature - Open Mic / Joke Life (Festival Preview) - Die Zentrale Frankfurt - Frankfurt am Main

SUP Comedy presents a double feature to wet your comedy whistle! TWO SHOWS in ONE!This Special event will last just over 2 hours and will have a 10-15 minute interval in the middle.★★★ First Half - LAUGH ROOM (Open Mic) ★★★An open mic live comedy show where experienced comedians try out new material and raw comedy hopefuls take their first chance performing on stage.★★★ Second Half - JOKE LIFE (The Festival Preview) ★★★Catch up with James Rankin & Kirthy Iyer as they prepare to take their successful show 'Joke Life' to the biggest comedy festival in the world: EDINBURGH FRINGE!The boys will need to refine their material into a tight 55 minute show which could be a laugh already! This is a great chance to see a comedy in the making and get your very own taste of the festivities.Come share a creative and unique evening!★ Wednesday 18 July 2018★ Show kick-off: 8.00pm ★ Tickets Available Online! Limited amount on the door★ 100% EnglishTWO shows for the price of ONE.★ Online Tickets - 13.50 EURO★ Door Tickets - 15.00 EURO