• Ecstatic Dance

  • Mo, 14.09.2020 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Antagon TheaterAKTion
    Orberstrasse 57
    60386 Frankfurt
Ecstatic Dance - Antagon TheaterAKTion - Frankfurt am Main

Ecstatic Dance has no shape or strict movements, its only about following the natural movements of your body connected to the music. Come and join us for one evening, being in a free space and going on a journey in your own body and movements. The dance is like a ritual with a guided beginning and guided ending in the group.With live music of Ruben Wielsch and Gerardo Vitale and Sandra Traudel, lead by Effi and Sandra, the antagon collective invites you to this two hours of free dance. Due tue the current situation, we ask you to always keep minimum 1,5m distance while you are here. Please be aware and contribute to make it possible, that everybody can dance freely and safely. Please let us know, if you want to come as we can only have 20 people at our place, to guarantee enough space for everyone. :)Thank you for understanding ! Donation based, for everyone to join!