• Play ► Lux & MS-60 (live)

  • Do, 01.11.2018 ab 23:55 Uhr
  • Silbergold
    Heiligkreuzgasse 22
    60313 Frankfurt
Play ► Lux & MS-60 (live) - Silbergold - Frankfurt am Main

Lux [IO | Leipzig, Berlin]https://soundcloud.com/lux-ioMS-60 (live) [Maison Noire]https://soundcloud.com/ms-60DJ Aronal & DJ Elmex [Maison Noire]https://soundcloud.com/lukas-noireResident Advisor:https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1178145LUXEmerging from Leipzig’s flourishing clubscene, Lux’ became part of the Crew I/O where she was first given the chance to hone her craft as a DJ. Collecting many experiences at Conne Island besides, she developed a remarkable sense of diverse selections, while having a strong intuition to plunge the dancefloor into a subtle mode of listening. With a sound that is clearly inspired by Detroit- and UK-themes, she narratively intertwines House, Ambient, Electro, Break Beat and Techno with greatest ease. Her mixes naturally ebb and flow from intricate to playful, from trippy to downbeat, dubby to uplifting and the atmosphere she creates in this process is nothing short than unique. Lux has now settled in Berlin and is a regular guest at esteemed clubs like Institut für Zukunft, De School or :// about blank.MS-602 Boys, twice the fun. MS-60 debuting at Silbergold with their live set. Based at the Zollamt Studios, they'll deliver some more or less serious techno tunes.Techno | 4€