• Brittani Sonnenberg: Home Leave

  • Di, 19.05.2015 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Artjamming
    Günterstalstraße 41
    79102 Freiburg im Breisgau
Brittani Sonnenberg: Home Leave - Artjamming - Freiburg

Britanni Sonnenberg, BerlinThey are the modern Nomads of a globalised planet: expats, who see plenty of the world, lead a glamorous life at the most exciting places far from their homes and get ahead in multinational enterprises at a tearing pace. So much for the general clichés. On the downside, they have to face rootlessness, a fear of failure and the stress of constant changes – accompanied by the gnawing feeling that somewhere along the way from England to Singapore, from Berlin to Bombay, they may have lost a part of their selves. Harvard graduate and Time journalist Brittani Sonnenberg knows her subject matter well: her autobiographical debut novel Home Leave (Heimflug) features constant departures, the feeling of never really arriving anywhere, the excruciating longing for the nostalgic memory of the US, of a short holiday at her grandparents’ home in the rural South. Her portrayal of the restless Kriegstein family is based on Sonnenberg’s own life. Just as sensitively as inventively, Sonnenberg assesses what a life of constant change feels like. Things change when a death shatters the close-knit family of globetrotters. Sonnenberg lives as a writer in Berlin. Eintritt: € 5 / 3 CSH-Mitglieder & Studierende.Vorverkauf in unserer Bibliothek und bei Jos Fritz.Reservierungen bis 18. Mai unter programm@carl-schurz-haus.de.Veranstaltungssprache: EnglischMit: US Embassy Berlin