• Singapore Sling & The Brainsucking Leeches & Aftershow

  • Fr, 20.03.2015 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • Slow Club Freiburg
    Haslacher Straße 25
    79115 Freiburg
Singapore Sling & The Brainsucking Leeches & Aftershow - Slow Club Freiburg - Freiburg

Singapore Sling Neo-psychedelia / Noise "We had a first gig. It was booked and we didn't have a name and I had been looking for a film called Singapore Sling for a long time. I couldn't find it anywhere. It sounded cool, so that became the name of the band. It's some kind of dark, perverse Greek film from 1990. I haven't found it yet, so if you know someone who has it, please let me know. I hope it's good. A dark perverse noir film and a guy who has sex with a corpse. And he's called Singapore Sling." Singapore Sling


The Brainsucking Leeches Suck'n'Roll The Brainsucking Leeches - from a rotten cellar bar on planet Pluto... By accident they'd listen to popular music from planet Earth - and because of ugly distortions, mess-ups and general transmission failures they got it ... hu ... special. They decided to morph into human shape (well ... nearly ...) and to visit planet Earth - to extinguish all earthlings by fake Americana and mutant songwriting from outer space!

And aftershow with special guest and trusted Dj's.