• Cinematic concert: Linebug (DK)

  • Sa, 29.02.2020 ab 20:30 Uhr
  • KISS - Kultur im Stühlinger Souterrain e.V.
    Lehener Str. 47
    79106 Freiburg im Breisgau
Cinematic concert: Linebug (DK) - KISS - Kultur im Stühlinger Souterrain e.V. - Freiburg

Linebug is an audio/visual collaboration between songwriter Line Bøgh and the painter and digital artist Christian Gundtoft, and the mix of visual art and music is a key component in their collaboration.The live act is a cinematic concert where drawings and animations, tightly relating to the songs, are being projected up on the stage. Everything is handcrafted and created on the spot, and the mixture of music and live drawing creates a quite unique and intimate concert experience.“It was a fascinating and intense storytelling experience which gave a very close connection to the lyrics” - Sofar Sounds“Half music, half work of art” - Lost At E Minor“They integrated the visuals in the concerts so that the audience will not only listen to Line’s lyrics but also dive into the stories by looking at the visuals at the same time” - Good Because Danish