• L'ira del Baccano (IT) - Doomdelic Space Rock + Cosmic Mints[de]

  • Fr, 16.11.2018 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • White Rabbit Club
    Leopoldring 1
    79098 Freiburg im Breisgau
L'ira del Baccano (IT) - Doomdelic Space Rock + Cosmic Mints[de] - White Rabbit Club - Freiburg

FK-Event-Productions proudly presents: L'IRA DEL BACCANO - Doomdelic Space RockCosmic Mints - Psychedelic Stoner RockDie italienische Band spielt einen kraftvollen Mix aus Space Rock, Stoner und Doom. Das Quartett ist in der Szene eine feste Größe und hat die Bühne schon des öfteren mit den Jungs von Samsara Blues Experiment geteilt. Jetzt sind sie auf Tour und machen halt in Freiburg!Den Abend werden die Freiburger Locals, Cosmic Mints eröffnen und dem Publikum, Psychedelic Stoner Rock der Extraklasse darbieten.!Vorverkauf und weitere Informationen unter:www.fkproductions.jimdo.comCOSMIC MINTS:In the normal case you would now be given a text about the band’s achievements, who they played and recorded with, how great they are and whatsoever… Cosmic Mints won’t jangle your nerves with senseless information. All you need to know is: They make music that sounds alive and they certainly have fun doing it. If you want to hear it, help yourself on the internet. If you want to see it, you already made the right decision. Let “La Menthe” carry you away through the vast nothingness of space and listen to their Psychedelic Fuzz & Roll to let your adhered synapses reach new levels. And what the hell is Psychedelic Fuzz & Roll?We don’t know either.LIRA DEL BACCANO::After the last two critically acclaimed studio albums ;"TERRA 42 (2014)" & " PARADOX HOURGLASS (2017)" the italian band continue the instrumental journey through different songs structures while melting in their unique style and sound vibes going from the Doom influences of Black Sabbath with the 60’s/70’s Psychedelia of Pink Floyd and Hawkwind; Heavy-Prog vibes of bands like Rush, as well as the performing freedom of jam bands like The Grateful Dead.Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/LiraDelBaccano42Bandcamp https://liradelbaccanoofficial.bandcamp.com/album/terra-42Instagram https://www.instagram.com/liradelbaccano/Some words about L'IRA DEL BACCANO:More Fuzz (u.s.a.)“...a luminous work of art. Paradox Hourglass is a progressive layered long play of doomadelic pleasure....a complex instrumental joy of proggy, heavy-psych power. It’ll enhance the senses...” Martin Aisslinger from Terrorverlag Review "..Anders ist eine solche Fülle an hart gesottenen Riffs nicht zu erklären. Und genau das ist es, was L’IRA DEL BACCANO letztendlich so besonders macht....Paradox Hourglass“ eine unbedingte Empfehlung mit einem dicken Ausrufezeichen dar!" Vote: 9/10Outlaws of the Sun (UK) Review“It's a stylish and heavy psychedelic affair with LDB becoming one of the more interesting Instrumental Psych Rock Bands currently out there.If you're a fan of classic spaced out Hawkwind style riffs merged with a heavy sounding doomy atmosphere then look no further. Paradox Hourglass is the album for you.”Doom-metal.com vote 8.5/10Strap into your orgone accumulator, prime the boosters of your choice, and lift off into the realms of massive, mind-expanding Stoner trippiness delivered with zest and a real feel for progressing the journey onwards. The exemplary musicianship, flawless production and strong, intelligent compositions are beyond reproach; the spacy weirdness of synths and effects give an added touch of freshness; the sheer enthusiasm of the band holds it all together like glue.Rocktimes (Germany) Verzerrte Gitarren bilden die (stoner-)doomige Basis, auf die spacige Effekte gesetzt wurden. Zusammen ergibt sich ein kosmisch-psychedelischer Trip, der scheinbar strukturlos wirkt, mit Jam-Charakter. Ruhige Blubbermomente wechseln mit Heavy-Riffs, wobei auch die Rhythmussektion immer wieder interessante kantige Akzente setzt.AURAL INNOVATION “..a monster blast of Metal edged Psychedelic-Stoner-Hard Rock, high intensity Space-Prog, Jazz inspired segments, and much more..Recommended.”Taste Nation LLC (USA) “If L'IRA DEL BACCANO continues making albums like Paradox-Hourglass I can easily see them developing a cult following like the Grateful Dead and playing for years...”mysteriamaximamedia.com (Aus) Review“Paradox Hourglass will kick your ass and melt your face clean off. It's an unrelenting foray into hard psych-rock that knows exactly what and when it wants to be. If the Marvel Cinematic Universe had any Cajones in it, this album would have been the soundtrack forDoctor Strange, and movie tickets would have come with a free tab of the brown acid.”Hippiesland.de “Was in den folgenden zwanzig Minuten passiert, ist für jeden Prog- Rock Fan ein wahr gewordener Traum, in Form eines musikalisch höchst anspruchsvollen Tagesablaufes...dürfte Fans von Rush, Black Sabbath, Opeth, Steven Wilson, Yes oder auch Hawkwind eine riesige Freude bereiten!”