• light a candle for Daraa، أشعل شمعةً لأجل درعا

  • Sa, 30.06.2018 ab 18:00 Uhr
  • Kartoffelmarkt
    20160 Freiburg im Breisgau
light a candle for  Daraa، أشعل شمعةً لأجل درعا - Kartoffelmarkt - Freiburg

The city of Daraa... is a forgotten city in the south of Syria, from which the Syrian revolution began in March2011. Despite the siege that has been going on for six years, it is still standing in the face of the Syrian regime. Shiite brigades, Russia. Today, amid international silence, The victims of the shelling were 670 civilians, 300 of whom were women and 274 children ... 80,000 civilians have been displaced from the city and are now on the Jordanian border. They are forbidden to enter. People are now among the choice of death in the desert or return to Daraa and death by Syrian regime fighters.Silence is a crime. #You have to do something