• Film: High Life

  • Mo, 03.06.2019 ab 19:00 Uhr
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Film: High Life - Friedrichsbau-Lichtspiele - Freiburg

Set in an alternative reality, High Life depicts an expedition of“recycled” inmates sent into space to discover alternative energiescreated by a black hole. On top of living with the complexitiesof a futuristic spaceship, the crew is also constantlyexposed to the cruel oversight of Dr. Dibs (Juliette Binoche),who carries out medical tests with forceful methods.The boundary pushing film introduces the viewer to topicssuch as fatherhood, human psychological capacities andmorally dubious scientific advancements through sexualexperimentation. The relationship between Monte (RobertPattinson) and his daughter (Jessi Ross) provides a particularlook into psychological struggles and will leave a mark onviewers. Critically acclaimed director Claire Davis combinesthis array of themes with captivating cinematography anda rather graphic depiction of aggression and sexuality. Theunusual combination of oppressive sexuality and intimatesensitivity skew her concept of the true beauty of life.With an introduction by Rolf LuchsEintritt: € 8 | 7,50 Schüler, Studierende, Senioren (ab 65) | 7 CSHMitglieder& Inhaber der CineCard (ggf. zzgl. Überlängenzuschlag)Veranstaltungssprache: OmUMit: Friedrichsbau KinoFoto: © A24