• Anisaa

  • Fr, 04.03.2016 ab 20:30 Uhr
  • KISS - Kultur im Stühlinger Souterrain e.V.
    Lehener Str. 47
    79106 Freiburg im Breisgau
Anisaa - KISS - Kultur im Stühlinger Souterrain e.V. - Freiburg

I play the cello since I was little and I love singing, so some years ago I've decided to mix both... I sing with my electric cello and a looper, and try to express love, pleasure, softness, happiness, concern, wonders.... all the emotions I feel about the world and especially the emotion I feel when my voice joins the one of my cello...I have lived a long time in Spain but I'm French and I'm an English teacher; and I have shared great music with friends from the Basque Country... Being multicultural has given me the freedom not to choose : I don't have a specific style, I love all music as soon as it makes me shiver.I mix languages and styles, from the soft songs of Camille ("Demeure d'un ciel") to classical instrumentals; from sweet rearrangements of pop songs such as "Somebody that I use to know" (Gotye) to pop-rock with a cover of MUSE (Hysteria). Through music I want to share peace and harmony : harmony of my 2 voices, harmony of the notes, chords, words... harmony between the real world and my own inside one.Want to walk a little while with me ??Eintritt frei, der Hut geht rumhttp://anisaa-isa.blogspot.de/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3CNTSpI4lykNmuPTQY8axQ