• The Sonic Dawn ( Acid Rock/ DK )

  • Do, 05.12.2019 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • Fliese
    06108 Halle
The Sonic Dawn ( Acid Rock/ DK ) - Fliese - Halle

THE SONIC DAWN (DK)Experience The Sonic Dawn on their European album tour, in support of their third album «ECLIPSE».Following their first two album releases, The Sonic Dawn toured Europe more or less constantly, sharing the stage with acts like Graveyard and Brant Bjork. Now they are back and their psychedelic rays shine brighter than ever.«ECLIPSE» showcases all the best from The Sonic Dawn’s eclectic sound, ranging from jazzy psych-pop to untamed acid rock. It is a trip! Here, even the catchiest melody casts a mysterious shadow, and every mind altering solo is torn out of Emil Bureau’s guitar as if it owed him money. https://youtu.be/LvCuDbnyTdwhttps://thesonicdawn.bandcamp.com/https://open.spotify.com/album/1agCSv4kcK1cMIxSR6swCg