• Mindstretch pres. Triorität & Friends // Skorphut Tour 2019

  • Fr, 07.06.2019 ab 17:00 Uhr
  • Charles Bronson
    Berliner Str. 242
    06112 Halle
Mindstretch pres. Triorität & Friends // Skorphut Tour 2019 - Charles Bronson - Halle

_5th Mindstretch presentsoutdoorTriorität (Lemonade, OYE Record Store) _LiveLuke & the Flywalkers _LiveLukas Lehmann (Footjob, Soulaboration)Tizian (Zosse)DJ Ion (Levitation)Come and check out the ultimate Darmstadteers Triorität on their very first ever tour. A crazy threesome, they will make your body and soul dance to a turbulent live show full of moodswings and jazzed out jams. Knowing how to surprise and catch with uplifting drums, heavy chords and floating melodies they will leave you with no idea where you’ll eventually end up. Backing up this pompous hymn of praise, their debut EP Skorphut can be peaked into here: https://trioritaet.bandcamp.com/album/skorphutStraight outta Berlin, Luke And The Flywalkers consist of three young, truly talented musicians whose common interest in Jazz, Hip Hop and funky stuff make them a perfect match for the outgoing and humorous attitude of D-town’s trio. https://soundcloud.com/user-972026515And last but not least, three more friends to take care of businessLukas Lehmannhttps://www.mixcloud.com/lukaslehmann/TIZIANhttps://soundcloud.com/tizian-zosseDJ Ionhttps://soundcloud.com/djionArtwork by Alice Monvaillier, Layout by Ulysse OdysseusLet’s get together and have a blast yo!