• The Woman in Black

  • Do, 24.10.2019 ab 19:30 Uhr
  • English Theatre Of Hamburg
    Lerchenfeld 14
    22081 Hamburg
The Woman in Black - English Theatre Of Hamburg - Hamburg

This is one of London's biggest hits ever. Adapted from Susan Hill's gothic novel, it has been scaring audiences in the West End for over 30 years. The story concerns a young solicitor who is sent to a remote village to settle the affairs of a woman who recently died. In her eerie old house and on the foggy marshland surrounding it, he encounters frightening sounds and the ghostly appearance of a woman dressed in black. Add to that the mystery of a locked door, an empty rocking chair moving back and forth, the cries of a child in peril, a mother's vengeance – and you have all you need for a chilling evening in the theatre.“A masterpiece” (The Guardian)