• Ariadne (us) – Europe Tour Hamburg

  • Fr, 21.06.2019 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • MS Stubnitz
    Kirchenpauerkai 26
    20457 Hamburg
Ariadne (us) – Europe Tour Hamburg - MS Stubnitz - Hamburg

ARIADNE is an experimental sacred music and new media art duo whose work explores the intersection of mysticism, dream analysis and the failure of digital systems through a synthesis of music performance, digital and interactive art, poetry, and dramatic experience. Much of ARIADNE’s output consists of interactive audio/visual performances which employ custom built hardware and software, real-time 3D animation, and machine learning to create immersive and captivating experiences. ARIADNE’s body of work includes feature-length audio/visual albums, web-based virtual reality, and a/v installations.ARIADNE’s work has been presented in prestigious venues, festivals, art galleries and universities all around United States.Their latest album, “Stabat Mater” (on Auris Apothecary), heavily inspired by the visions of female Christian mystics Hildegard von Bingen and Teresa of Ávila, is a stunning example of post-modern music being made by bridging the worlds of ancient spiritualism with cold, borderline dystopian digital sounds of the future, has received enthusiastic reviews.Doors 20oo | Concert 21ooDoor 10€ | Presale 9,60€+ https://www.ariadnedigital.net/+ https://soundcloud.com/ariadne-music + https://youtu.be/UmmLRUER-WY+ https://youtu.be/dW2hr_bRoyQ+ https://ariadne-music.bandcamp.com/“Stabat Mater is among the most challenging releases you have heard this year. And it's magnificent..” – EXCLAIM!“Best of 2017 - Viking’s Choice: The Year in Cathartic Screams and Meditative Drones” – NPR – All Songs Considered“…an unlikely but surprisingly effective collision of forms, its 20 tracks drawing together choral music, electronic processing, harsh noise textures, and generative audiovisual techniques.” – The Wire Magazine“Hypnotizing, enticing, alluring, yet frightening, it’s a synthetic hand offering to let you in. Take it.” – Tiny Mix Tapes